Food tripping in Metro Manila’s ‘Tiger City’| A walk through Mandala Weekend Market

Great food and relaxing ambiance at affordable prices!  These were what the Mandala Park Weekend Market offered.

Located at the heart of the “Tiger City” of Mandaluyong, Mandala is in Shaw Blvd. right beside Puregold Shaw.

On May 14, Mandala held its monthly weekend market from 4PM- 10PM. With more or less 25 stalls offering variety of food, visiting people found themselves craving for each unique product taste.



We tried Ginger Ale made by Stanford and Shaw Brewing Co. For P100 you can enjoy this refreshing beverage. A homemade drink carefully fermented to get the flavors of ginger and lemon. You may want to take home a big bottle for P200.


Another must try from this month’s weekend market is the Mommy Ann’s Kitchen’s signature herbed chicken. The taste of rosemary and other herbs will surely tickle your taste buds to eat more. Oven roasted, their chicken is slowly and carefully cooked to achieve tenderness and release the mixed flavors of chicken meat and herbs. For diet conscious you can replace its accompanying rice with potatoes and other veggies.



We also tried Eats Meats West bagnet burger. Its very own recipe of patty combined with thin sliced bagnet is a must try. A little bit of saltiness from bagnet plus the juicy flavor of beef patty and sweet taste of veggies make this burger creation a perfect match for beer or soda.




Pepi Cubano is also an addition to the variety of food stalls in Mandala Weekend Market. They served us a taste of an authentic Cuban sandwich. The bread is brushed with butter for extra flavor and then pressed for several minutes for toasting. Pepi Cubano’s sandwich is a perfect combination of roasted pork, cheese, ham and pickles that even non sandwich fans will give a run for their penny.


Finally, we had a taste of Thirsty Turtle’s fresh fruit smoothies. We highly recommend their “Pinetastic Turtle” smoothie made from banana and pineapple. Thirsty Turtle smoothies give a refreshing taste from combination of fruits. Unlike other known smoothies, theirs are not made from artificial flavorings.

Our smoothies had banana tidbits that blended well with the pineapple flavor. Aside from their fruit flavored products you can also try their luscious fruits plus veggies smoothies. They have Beetroot, celery, and spinach among the vegetables to combine well with other fruits. We discovered from its proprietor, Alexis Chua, that their smoothies are a product of their thesis in entrepreneurship from college days.


We also had a chance to talk with Ms. Angela Litton-Falcon, the organizer and marketing manager of Mandala Park Weekend Market. We learned from her that every merchant in this project do not pay anything to put up their stalls. Litton said, as an organizer their group shoulders the cost every month they conduct the weekend market. According to her, they’re doing this to help the entrepreneurs to start and promote their products.

Aside from food and other products, Mandala Weekend Market is also supporting a cause. When we went there the CARA Welfare Philippines, an NGO know for saving animals put up their tent and sold books for as low as P25 each. The proceeds from this activity will go straight to CARA’s fund that they use for saving and treating animals in distress.

Litton also said that their weekend market serves as a venue for budding local artists. That night, the audience was serenaded by acoustics of Dane Hipolito.


We have observed that the place have trash bins labeled as bio and non-biodegradable. Most of the customers throw their trash properly after eating that’s why cleanliness is not much of a problem unlike in some other food or night bazaars. Mandala somehow encourages people to become more responsible and concern about their environment.

Spacious parking are also available around the area. If you want to explore a new place where you can bring your family, special someone, or tag along your barkada, Mandala Weekend Market is a must visit place. Cozy ambiance, delicious food, but at reasonable and affordable price.

So watch out for this coming months of 2016 for another weekend market adventure. Get ready to bring your friends in this exciting place in Shaw Blvd. You don’t need to go out of the city to experience the local and regional taste.

Try Mandala Weekend Market and make our local merchants shine! -(DCR) Demetrio Ragua

Special thanks to Ms. Mavic Conde of The Joys of Journeying and Ms. Angela Litton-Falcon marketing manager of Mandala Park for inviting us in this event.